Monday, January 06, 2003

A Look at Casa Del Pastor

Casa de Pastor means "House of the Shepherd". It was founded in 1995 and is an outreach of Calvary Chapel of Moreno Valley, California.

While ministering to Indians in the local work camps, Lisa Heit (the founder) saw the tremendous need for a home for women with children who are abandoned and abused. The conditions that those mothers and their children live under are very poor. These children are left to tend to the needs of their younger siblings. In desperation, many of these mothers give their children away to orphanages, or to anyone who will care for them. The heartache for both these mothers and children is tremendous.

The goal of Casa del Pastor is to minister to the spiritual needs of these mothers and their children, while at the same time providing them with housing, food, clothing and job skill training. These mothers are expected to care for their children, work hard and save their earnings in order to purchase their own land and home. The amount of time each family stays varies according to their goals, ability, and situation.

Each morning we have 6 a.m. devotions. We also attend Calvary Chapel of Ensenada on Sunday, and there is a weekly bible club for the kids. These mothers come from difficult family problems, and most arrive ready to hear the gospel. We've seen many make a personal commitment to Jesus as well as their children.


Each child five years and older is expected to attend school. Most of these children would not otherwise receive an education due to the needed finances for books and uniforms. The moms are encouraged to participate in night school programs to finish their schooling.

The Lord has blessed Casa del Pastor abundantly. Not only do we feed, clothe, and house some 35-45 mothers with children, but we also do a children's program, and have a nutritionally balanced feeding program in one of the local work camps (a housing area set up for migrant workers who work in the fields picking crops). Most of these children are very malnourished and show up eagerly before each feeding with plate and glass in hand.

The Lord has blessed us with four more lots nearby. It is our desire to build a bigger home that could house up to 50 moms and 150 kids. Please pray with us as we expand the vision.

Most mothers and their children have been through a lot. Abused, hungry, fearful, desperate, they become part of a family of mothers and children who have been through the same things. each learns to do their part as a family and to live peaceably with those around them. The changes in these mothers and children, even a week after they arrive, is remarkable.

Each family has their own room with a common bathroom and dining area. Meals are taken together. We do many family activities such as birthday parties, beach trips and park trips.

First, and most important, is PRAYER. Pray for laborers, and for these women and children to be brought into a personal relationship with Jesus.

You can give your resources. Casa del Pastor exists because God has touched the hearts of individuals who give their finances monthly, and those who help with food, clothing, etc. All donations are tax deductible.

Visit us! If you would like to visit Casa de Pastor as a family, individual, or church group, WE WELCOME YOU! Please contact us for more information.

Thanks to our Lord who loves these mothers and children so much, and whose ear is open to their cry.
Thanks to all who share in this vision and brought it to be.
Thanks to all who pray for and give to this ministry and who have taken these mothers and children into their hearts.

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